Tuesday, July 13, 2010

After Hours Appointment? Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Despite all of our advertising, website and word of mouth many people still do not know our retail hours. They are Tuesday through Friday 10-6 , Saturday 10-2 or by appointment. Most of our regular customers know that those hours are guidelines. We will never be open fewer hours than that but frequently we will be open more hours than that.

Our trusty framer, Brian, arrives at the gallery at 7:30 AM Monday through Friday- meaning that if you need to drop something off, he is here. He can help pick out framing but he is not very good with the computer so he can't give you a price quote. He doesn't like to chat about art but we find he has an unerring eye when it comes to framing and fancy layouts.

Even though our hours say we are closed on Mondays one or more of us is frequently at the gallery. Having this day free allows us to make appointments without worrying about covering the gallery. I will use it to hang new shows or do some of the dirty work around the gallery. It is casual Monday for us so we will often be in jeans- or in painting and wall patching clothes. It is the rare Monday that at least one of us is not on duty. The caveat is that we tend to leave by 4 in the afternoon.

We frequently have early morning meetings which means we arrive at the gallery at 7:30. If we stop into the gallery first it may mean you receive an email that early. It gives the illusion that we work 24 hours a day!

We are also happy to make appointments to meet you at the gallery. Some people think that they will be inconveniencing us if they make an appointment, but it is exactly the opposite. We could be open seven days a week - sitting & waiting and hoping that you will show up on a sunny Sunday. Or we can make an appointment knowing that you have made a special trip to see us. We think this is a much better deal for everyone. We have opened the gallery at 6 AM, stayed until 8- or showed up on Holidays. We are very accommodating.

So..... how happy are we to make an after hours appointment? This happy: