Monday, June 2, 2008

Maya Ofir & Marcia Herson Jewelry Trunk Show, May 30, 2008

Friday evening was a fun and successful event. The Manchester Jewish Federation as part of the sister cities program is hosting the Israeli jeweler, Maya Ofir. As part of the exchange McGowan Fine Art had a trunk show featuring the work of Maya and one of the hosts, Marcia Herson. Here Maya sets up some of her jewelry in a case.
Maya going over her cases of jewlry to choose pieces for display.

Marcia Herson & Maya Ofir, in front, at end of evening. It was so much fun to meet a craftsman from another country that, at least I, know very little about. Her designs are definitely inspired by her ancient land- featuring ancient glass, raw stones and gold. Maya was lovely and so knowledgeable about her materials. Marcia Herson is a treat, as always to be around.

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