Saturday, October 18, 2008

Peter Milton Round Table Discussion October 11, 2008

McGowan Fine Art hosted a round table discussion on Peter Milton's latest print, Tracking Shot. About 20 of Peter's collectors attended to help him tease out the implications of going digital. It was a lively discussion with many of the attendees, some artists in their own right, interjecting with good questions. For those who are unaware of the controversy- Peter recently published his print both as a digital edition and as an intaglio. Purists are not quite sure what to make of this.

Peter has started using Adobe Photoshop to create the composition of his piece. Previously the compositions were created through painstaking photocopying of images after much tinkering with enlargement and reduction. Peter had reached the limits of this method and thus turned to "the beast" Photoshop.

After the discussion led by Mary McGowan the guests stayed for an opportunity to talk in more depth with Peter and look at his prints.

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