Friday, November 14, 2008

Our Littlest Visitors

At McGowan Fine Art we have entertained Brownie Troops, Elder hostel, high school art classes, college level classes and more. They come here to learn what a commercial gallery is all about, what is art or how to be a professional artist. I have always enjoyed these groups- it is a break from my normal routine and I get to do one of my favorite things- talk about art.

I think having groups of younger kids exposed to art is very important. It teaches them to make it a part of their every day life. I think of it as teaching them to be cultural consumers.

This past Wednesday I hosted the World School from Nashua, NH. I had about 20 4-year olds in the gallery along with 8 adult chaperons. They were a fabulous little group of well behaved children- my favorite kind! I think they may have been overwhelmed by the experience but it may come back to them at a later date as having been a fun day. They really focused on the "why you shouldn't touch" speech I had given them earlier and had many questions on my reaction if one of them damaged a piece.

Hands down the most admired item in the whole gallery was my dog Henry. This is a picture of Amanda helping a young boy admire him. They tended to want to crowd in and lay hands on him all at once. He was very patient with them but I think he was a little distressed by the hubbub.

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