Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love, Lust & Desire

There was a positive sea of people at the gallery for the opening of Love, Lust & Desire! You almost couldn't move, but somehow people managed to pick out their favorites and buy them.

Here is Jessica Pappathan, assistant curator at St Anselm College with Amanda McGowan. Jess brought her sister Cassandra Pappathan, a new young writer for the Concord Insider. Cassie wrote a wonderful article about attending the opening called How To Behave At An Art Reception, which is a great primer for first time gallery attendance. As you can tell by the photo- it involved a lot of fun!
Many of the artists were baffled by how the show would go up on the walls with just clips. They had never seen anything quite like it. I have to confess that I took the idea from another gallery which had one wall devoted to "affordable art" hung in this manner.

It has also appealed to a lot of buyers! We have had streams of people coming to the gallery to check it out. The different interpretations of the theme have intrigued viewers. Often times they will go through the show 2 or 3 times because they have missed seeing pieces.

It has been an ever evolving show too. As the artwork is sold, new pieces go up. This has allowed people to take their valentines home.

Another wonderful article appeared in the Concord Monitor, written by Melanie Plenda- you can read it here.

Jay Surdukowski, pictured second from left, a former assistant to me and now a high powered lawyer at Sulloway & Hollis is pictured here with some of his friends. He had several pieces in the show- and definately won the award for bringing the most fans!

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