Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Glamourous World of Art

Mary McGowan always jokes about 99% of our job is schlepping art from here to there. This was definitely part of our day last week.

In anticipation of delivering a big job we moved 150 pieces from the bottom level where the frame shop is to the main floor. Brian, our framer, was glad to be able to have the room in his workspace again! Amanda packed the first car full for a delivery the next day after a quick call to confirm that the delivery was still on.

Throughout the day the amount of storage area available at the job site kept shrinking. Calls were made, hair was pulled, teeth were gnashed. Construction schedules had fallen behind and there was currently moving men installing all the furniture. By the end of the day it was clear that we would have very little storage area so only Amanda would be making her delivery.

Amanda showed up at the job site, but.... there was no place to put the artwork. So back she came... and the second round of schlepping began. Everything from Amanda's vehicle and the main gallery was moved down a level.

But we all kept our humors about it and worked out a system. Mary who is the master packer stayed downstairs and arranged things so that all of the frames were safe. Amanda and I did the running up and down the stairs. We made fast work of it and none of us needed to make an appointment with our chiropractors.

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