Thursday, February 10, 2011

100 Artists of New England

Last year I started working with author Ashley Rooney to identify  artists in New Hampshire to include in her recently published book 100 Artists of New England. Ms Rooney has published many books on a wide range of subjects from old barns to small kitchens to shingle style homes. She excels at bringing together a broad variety tied together by a common theme. She has done it again with this book.
Because Ashley, who lives down in Massachusetts, could not be plugged in to the art scene in each state she reached out to different galleries and art organizations for their input. Like many projects there was time spent making selections, then trying to round up images and profiles on the the artists. Time was short as Ashley was working on a deadline and I had other projects on my plate to look after. It was pressure for me and the artists I had helped to select, but it is the sort of thing that makes my job interesting. The artists of New Hampshire that I helped to identify are Gary Haven Smith, Peter Milton, Sandy Wadlington and Paul Pollaro.

I was only able to identify as New Hampshire artists as Ashley was reaching out to galleries in others states to identify their favorite artists. I was gratified to see that some of the ones I would have liked to select were chosen any ways. Artists such as Noriko Sakanishi, Holly Meade and Kim Bernard.

We are hoping to do a show in the near future to highlight a select group of artists from the book and bring in Ms Rooney for a book signing. So stay tuned!

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