Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ralph Stone Jacobs: A Little Holiday Show

McGowan Fine Art announces the opening “Ralph Stone Jacobs: A Little Holiday Show”. The show will run from December 20 to January 13. The public is welcome.


Ralph Stone Jacobs lives and works in Northern New Hampshire in close proximity to the White Mountains. While Stoney often depicts the New Hampshire landscape in his paintings, this show will focus on still-lifes and portraits. Stoney is a renowned portrait painter, celebrated for not only capturing the likeness of a sitter, but also their personality. While Stoney is known for high profile commissions, such as his portrait of Jean Shaheen, the former governor of New Hampshire, this show will feature some of his more intimate portraits, including members of his own family.

Stoney’s still-lifes are small jewels, elegant in their depiction of rustic objects. The antique vessels in “Yellow Bottle, Blue Salt Shaker” are perfectly reflected on the table surfaces and are softened by shadows. The bottle and salt shaker are treated like living things, posed together against a muted background much in the style of a portrait. “Mussel Shells”, two delicate shells and a wisp of a flower, attest to Stoney’s ability to capture beauty in the most simple of objects. “Peppermint”, a small piece of cellophane wrapped candy, is tactile and delectable enough to pluck out of the painting. The show is a holiday treat for the whole family.

This exhibit will be on display at McGowan Fine Art at 10 Hills Avenue in Concord, NH. Please call Jessica Pappathan at 603-225-2515 for more information or visit our website at http://www.mcgowanfineart.com/, or contact at jessica@mcgowanfineart.com.

Hours: T-F 10 - 6, Saturday 10-2 and by appointment.

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