Friday, October 19, 2012

Shandra McLane and Susan Wahlrab: Breaking the Mold

McGowan Fine Art
announces the opening of “Breaking the Moldfeaturing works by Shandra McLane and Susan Wahlrab. The show will run from November 13 – December 14, with an artist’s reception on November 16 from 5 to 7 PM.  The public is welcome.

In her latest works, Susan Wahlrab pushes her handling of watercolor to a new level.  Heavily layered pigment defies the expected fluidity typical of this medium.  Wahlrab’s paintings appear at first glance like traditional oil paintings. However, her technique of layering watercolor on clay board enhances the slick, satin-like surface.

Wahlrab’s compositions are filled with streams of sunlight that twist through entanglements of flora and rushing water, and come to rest just beyond reach. Her compositions at times appear almost abstract, with swirling lines and heightened colors such as in “In Color”. Yet, she still captures a sense of “quiet spaces…we are all part of – but are often unaware.”  Her originality of technique and compositional pluralism creates a body of work that is a must see.

Shandra McLane achieves luminous, satin-like surfaces reminiscent of Wahlrab, by piecing together glass like a puzzle. The distinct interior and exterior designs of her vessels are fused together as a single pane of glass. The whole pane is then placed atop a hollow form in a kiln for about 30 hours and allowed to slump into a bowl form. The corners are then cut off to complete the bowl and sandblasted to give the surface a matte finish. The color is heightened in the translucent vessels when light comes through, giving a hint of pattern on the other side. McLane will also have wall pieces on display.

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