Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tom Driscoll - A Sense of Place

McGowan Fine Art announces the opening of “A Sense of Place” features the paintings of Thomas Driscoll. The show will run from Feb 19-March 15, with an artist’s reception on February 22 from 5 to 7 PM. There is a snow date for the reception on March 1. It is free and open to the public.

Tom has been a part of the arts community in NH for a while and was recently featured in a show at New England College’s art gallery. After receiving a degree from the prestigious Cranbrook Academy he returned to NH to hold various positions in painting & printmaking at Colby-Sawyer, Plymouth University, and the White Mountain School before settling full-time at Plymouth University.

In the past Driscoll has concentrated on mark making but his current body of work has moved to a more painterly style. Subtle variations in color create a back drop for spare architectural evocations. “First Light” is beautiful clouds of yellow and white. A bridge of black with a spired structure looks like mythical building rising in a fog. “Temple” also plays with the same architectural imagery of distant yet monumental buildings.
 Driscoll is also exploring the glow of light seen in darkness.  In “Ignis” the artist paints the play of color and disappearing edges as seen at a nighttime bonfire.  The red glow against the black background has the emotional urgency of fire – dangerous and seductive.  These fire paintings are both primitive and primal.

A related body of paintings features strongly articulated structures layered over collaged maps. Driscoll’s heavily worked surfaces reflect the hours of work that go into building these layered paintings. They are rich in imagery and color. In “Argo” a ladder form floats over a map. Calligraphic letters form a grid pattern on top of it all. It is a complex surface held together by fields of purple and yellow.

“A Sense of Place” will be on display at McGowan Fine Art, 10 Hills Avenue in Concord, NH.  Hours are Tuesday to Friday, 10 to 6 PM; Saturdays 10-2 or by appointment.  Please call Sarah Chaffee at 603-225-2515 for more information or visit our website at


Moon Art Design said...

This is great- I love Tom's work!

Nancy Knowles said...

Paintings I want to walk into.