Thursday, May 16, 2013

NH Buisness Committee for the Arts - Micro Enterprise Award

We are honored to have received the  Micro Enterprise award from the NH Business Committee for the Arts, and had to share the wonderful words that were said about us!

Thank you again to the
Concord Community Music School
for the nomination. 

Mary McGowan, Amanda Lacasse, Jessica Pappathan (McGowan Fine Art) and
Peggy Senter (Concord Community Music School)
"When you do what you love, the natural progression is to spread that love into the community where you live and work.  Nothing could be truer of our first award recipient as they’ve quietly gone about their business, building it, nurturing it and sharing it with others.
This microenterprise may have few employees, but their impact is large.  With involvement on many cultural and other nonprofit boards, and a willingness to give advice, help and advocacy, the owner and each of the employees is fully vested not only in the business but in the community and state.  Their advice, collaboration, energy and willingness to engage has provided annual support, gift certificates for auctions and drawings, and event sponsorship.  They have been called “true champions” and “a respected voice and advocate for the performing arts and music education” as well as the visual arts.
In one instance in 2012, they participated in a major auction fund raiser, giving several items for auction and donating 80% of their commission on all sales. They consider themselves a resource for the community, providing assistance when necessary and always willing to support the arts and the artists that live in New Hampshire.  Their passion for what they do and compassion for those they represent is unmatched.  Support for this microenterprise’s nomination came not only from their clients and customers, but from their competitors as well.
Nominated by the Concord Community Music School for being a respected voice and advocate for the performing arts and music education, as well as their business of the visual arts, this year’s Business in the Arts Award in the microenterprise category goes to:

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