Saturday, July 13, 2013

Paper Artwork... and Humidity

With all of the wet weather we have been having lately I have been hearing from people regarding waves in their framed artwork. This can be distracting for the viewer as the ripples will cause shadows across the image.

Posters and prints are permanently adhered to their support board with glue so they are perfectly smooth and flat, although excessive moisture can cause even these to bow. Original artwork is mounted in a way that is reversible in order to preserve the value of the piece. This means that as the paper absorbs water it can shift and ripple inside of the frame.  It is like a barometer….indicating relative humidity.

Sometimes this is an indication that the hinges are a little tight. Loosening them can alleviate some of the rippling. As most of the reports come during the summer months it is more likely caused by the ambient humidity. Try changing the lighting so it is less obvious.

The rippling should disappear as soon as the humidity drops and the paper dries out. This can be hastened by using the heating system in your house. If you have any questions regarding your framed art, don't hesitate to bring it in.

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