Thursday, November 4, 2010

Small Views

C. Chin, Stilling Street, Boston
 McGowan Fine Art announces the opening of “Small Views” featuring small works by Cathy Chin, Melissa Anne Miller, Shane Neufeld and Sandy Wadlington.

The show will run from November 30 through December 31, with an artists’ reception on December 3, from 5 to 7 PM. The public is welcome.   The reception takes place the evening of Midnight Merriment in Concord. The Main Street will be closed to traffic from Pleasant to Centre. Caroling and hay rides will be taking place to celebrate the start of the Holiday Season. For more information visit Main Street Concord.

Inspired by the most recent work of artist Cathy Chin, gallery director, Sarah Chaffee worked to put together a show featuring similarly sized works. “Cathy’s small, urban studies - motivated by a road trip - had a fresh feel that I thought people needed to see,” said Chaffee.

S. Neufeld, Green Fundy After Storm
It coincided with a recent batch of watercolor studies by Shane Neufeld who since becoming an architect has not had much free time to paint. A trip to Nova Scotia this past summer, with its sparkling light and dramatic bay served as an impetus to start again. This show is rounded out with the talent of artists Melissa Anne Miller and Sandy Wadlington.

S. Wadlington, First Snow of the Season
Landscape has a fascination for people as both a respite and a reflection of our place in it. In the respite category are the small pastels of Sandy Wadlington that minimize the human impact on the landscape. “Frosty Morning,” a view of a pine grove provides opportunity for Sandy to display her technique and mastery of atmospheric effects. A careful weaving of small strokes builds up a rich surface texture. The pale silvery grays feel like a winter fog settling over the dark trees. “Working small is also quite intimate and peaceful. You are in your own little world. Every little mark has a purpose, and you put it there, or erase it, or something in between,” says Wadlington.

S. Neufeld, Pines Over Studio,
Penguin Island
Another view of the landscape as romantic respite is Shane Neufeld’s watercolors of the Bay of Fundy. They are more color studies with their broad, wet strokes of pigment. “Pines over Studio, Penguin Island” is a symphony of greens contrasting against white, sunlit buildings.

C. Chin, Tailgating
Both Melissa Anne Miller and Cathy Chin take to the city streets for inspiration. Cathy’s diary of images provides us unlikely subjects of beauty- McDonald’s restaurants, old gas stations and exit ramps. In “Tailgating” her brush turns to a tangled mass of signs and phone wires dominated by the tail end of a car. The red of brake lights bleeds into the enameled blue of the trunk- a tour de force in color. In “Stillings Street, Boston” (at top) Ms. Chin breaks down the buildings and signs into sun-drenched planes - blues, viridians and grays. It is a veritable quilt of color.

S. Wadlington, Frosty Morning

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