Friday, September 14, 2012

Amanda and Jessica's road trip to Vermont

Amanda and I trekked to Vermont a couple weeks ago for two corporate installations. I normally assist Amanda behind the scenes, so it was fun to finally see Amanda in action. We began our day bright and early, leaving NH at 5am. Amanda already had her car packed, and I already stopped for coffee, so we were ready to go. 

Our first appointment was at 8am in Bristol, at Bristol Internal Medicine. Amanda recently selected prints depicting New England landscapes and still lifes to install in their beautiful new building.

Since the building is not yet open, we had the space to ourselves. Amanda had previously carefully planned where each print would be placed. First, she showed me her installation process.

Then, I gave it a try.

We divided up the prints, and between the two of us, we finished installing ahead of schedule. 


 It was nice to walk through the building when we were finished, and see how the bright, cheerful prints really transformed the space, giving it the finishing touch.


Since we finished early, we headed towards our next appointment in Middlebury, at Addison Family Medicine. We stopped to check out Middlebury's downtown since we had a little time to spare.  We visited a few galleries, and stopped into a children's consignment shop, June Bug, to pick up a little souvenir for my son. (I couldn't resist!) It was about lunch time, and after multiple recommendations, decided to check out Costello's Market.


I had the most delicious goat cheese stuffed red pepper, and the meat tart. Amanda had what she describes as "the best lasagna of my entire life!" (Well, second to her grandmother's lasagna, of course.) Definitely check out Costello's Market if you are in the Middlebury area. We loved it.

We also saw these adorable sugar packets at Costello's...

After lunch and a nice walk downtown, we headed to our next destination, Addison Family Medicine. This installation was different than our first, as we worked around staff and patients. Amanda and I came up with a system where she would do the measurements, and then I would hang the print, to efficiently get us in and out of the rooms discreetly in between patients. It was fun to work with the staff, and help select the best piece for their work space. We ended up doing a little swapping around, and everyone was pleased with the end result. 

It was a great trip, and gave me a much better understanding of the corporate side of our business, seeing a corporate project from start to finish. It was so rewarding to see how gorgeous the finish product looks, but also how happy the art made the staff and their clients.

If you have any questions about corporate consulting, please contact Amanda Lacasse,

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