Friday, September 28, 2012

Appraisal and Assessment Day

McGowan Fine Art announces a free Appraisal and Assessment Day on November 8, from 11 to 3 PM.  It is an opportunity for you to bring in your paintings and prints to have them appraised.  It is also an opportunity to speak directly with the restorers if treasures are in need of repair or cleaning. 

Cory Barbis of Barbis Fine Art Conservation will be here to look at your art on paper.  Cory will give free estimates on cleaning and restoring art that is damaged, such as water stains, mildew, acid damage from improper framing, and tears.  Cory is also able to restore antique or valuable frames.  Several of the pieces that were brought to our last Appraisal and Assessment Day were not considered valuable, but the frames they came in were.  There is presently a demand for antique frames.

Linda Donovan of Conservation of Paintings will be here to look at all works on canvas.  Exposure to smoke from wood fires, smoking or just plain dirty air will discolor a painting.  Restoration will bring back the original color and luster.  Linda is also able to repair tears and flaking paint, and restretch canvases.  She will be giving free assessments as to the condition of your paintings. 

Martha Richardson of Richardson Fine Art of Boston will be giving free verbal appraisals of artwork.  Her specialty is American and European paintings, but she is also familiar with a number of other mediums.  She will give free verbal appraisals, but if you need a written appraisal for insurance or donation reasons, she is happy to discuss that with you.

The last Appraisal and Assessment Day, five years ago, was a very successful event and fun for all.  There was never more than a twenty minute wait, but most people enjoyed listening in on assessments of others' treasures.  It was an opportunity to speak with one of the specialists and perhaps be surprised.  Remember that values are established by auction records, so if work by an artist has not been sold at an auction, no value will be assigned other than "decorative" value.  We hope to see you here.

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